Crafter of narrative. Lover of artistry. Whether in op-eds, news pieces, or custom design, these are the phrases that guide my work.

But who said that we can’t get a little bit personal? Here are a few factoids below.


  • Choice of music:  experimental, classical, soul, jazz, eclectic.
  • Movie genres:  documentary, suspense, sci-fi, and random art films.
  • Comestibles:  dark chocolate, fried [anything], potatoes, and/or sushi.
  • Favorite period:  Fin-de-siècle? Or perhaps il medioevo?
  • Passable in English, Italian, and fluent in meme.
    • Knows almost next-to-nothing about her actual “native tongue.”
  • Never got the memo about the War Between Faith and Reason.
  • Knowledgeable about many subjects; hopes to be a master in some.


Do my interests sound like a good fit for your freelance needs? If so, please feel free to contact me about whether and how we can work together.